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Stuff to Say
02/11/03 - Updates are getting scarce, I know. What can I say, I've been busy. ...or at least, never much in the mood to update. =P

I have been making a lot of shirts though! --and HEY!--I'm actually selling some!! Woohoo!! I have even added some shirts for fans of the "Natural High" comic! Check em out here and here!
More to come soon!

Is anyone even reading this?
If like, you actually somewhat check this site regularly, and WANT me to update more, sign the guestbook or drop me an email. =)

01/22/03 - Woah, cockeyed.com is having "reader appreciation week"... I sent Rob an email, but i might be 2 hours too late. =( ...I sent that pic i made for him again. ...

more shirts are up at www.offmyback.8m.com! =)

01/20/02 - Okay okay okay... I know i haven't updated in a long time... (a REALLY long time if my last update said "Happy New Year")... but there's been a lot of reasons why...

For one, I keep going in and out of this funk lately... i'm not sure why, but my mind feels heavy... if that even makess sense... But anyway, it was enough to make me feel like not updating this log... But then I saw that Ami mentioned me in her log!!! =) this made me happy because I really like her site. ...even if she did take down the belt pictures. =(

I've also been busy with lots of projects lately... Designing T-shirts and clothing! (cafepress owns jo0!)

Check out my new site with super awsome stuff for sale!!!:

These are some of the most noteble designs:
Going Commando
24 Hour Finesse
Making Out
I cut my own hair

01/04/02 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Went up to the city for new year's eve with some of the few people that were in town... It was cool, though I don't like cities that much... I got pretty jag at a couploe of bars. It sucked though because my girlfriend ended up losing her purse. Argh that sucks.

I hope to get some time to draw some more comics soon...

12/31/02 - Well, i got back from Maui a couple of days ago... sucks... my trip was way too short. =( Oh well. It was awsome at any rate.

Got DBZ and Lord of the Rings ps2 games for xmas, so I've been spending mad time in front of the tv. Taking a break right now because my thumbs need a rest =P

12/14/02 -
Woohoo! I am going home tommorow!! Sun, sand, surf--here i come!!! I got most of my christmas shopping done this weekend. The malls were nuts... and so was traffic on account of the weather/traffic lights going out/ etc...

Man, I gotta' start packing...

12/12/02 -
Man, where have I been? ...Busy a work.... playing lots of ps2... ....tired of trying mash HTML up from scratch... so at any rate, I haven't updated for a while... there is another comic i added... and i have more, but it's pissing me off because i have more but no room for them...

I think first thing next year i will get the custom site up. i hope.

12/08/02 -
gotdammit...making the jump from this template based site to a ground-up built pure HTML site is a pain... I got a site on 150m, but now I'm really having second thoughts, because coding is such a biotch. *sigh*
CRAP! this sucks!--I'm trying to add more "Natural High" comics, but I'm running out of picture slots on that page... >=( ...I really need to look into getting new hosting... ugh.

12/06/02 -
Do you ever wonder why more people don't sell hotcakes?

12/05/02 -
Thanks to Barbs!! She let me know my guest book wasn't working! --no wonder!!!

anyway, if anyone's been wanting too, feel free to sign ;)

12/04/02 -
Long day of work, but had Indian Buffet for lunch. Mmmm! ...Anyway, 2 more Natural High comics are up!! =)
As promised, got a new comic up last night... 2 more (maybe even 3) should be up shortly... Anyway, gotta' run--I'm LATE!

12/02/02 -
Woohoo! My latest product design went up for sale today, and we already sold 5 sets! It feels pretty good.

You know what makes you feel old?--Remembering how much ass you used to kick at Super Street Fighter II: Championship Edition, and then your housemate brings home a copy of Marvel VS. Capcom 2, and you quickly realise how you have no clue how to play anymore while getting your ass wooped...

I have 3 "Natural High" comic strips in the works simultaneously... I haven't decided the order in which I want to post them yet... I should have at least one or two up by maybe tommorow...

Is anyone ever gonna' sign my guestbook???

11/30/02 -
I was really inspired by Jenny's"The Boobless Wonder" comic, so I decided throw up my own on my site... =) Check out Natural High!

11/29/02 -
That show "Braceface" is actually pretty good... there was a marathon on today, and I pretty much had it on all day long as I was drawing...
Working on my comic...

11/28/02 -
Happy Thanksgiving! You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find dinner on Thanksgiving in the Silicon Valley... Well, "thanksgiving food" anyway... Of the few restaraunts that were open, all appearently required reservations from weeks ago.
The Chart House was booked, and not accepting walk ins... "The Diner", which was reported to be serving dinner, turned out to be closed. We ended up at California Cafe. Well, actually, because we didn't have a reservation, we ended up at the bar at California Cafe... The turkey and stuff was good, though they were pretty stingy on the stuffing and mashed potatos... For dessert i had a chocolate torte and vanilla gelato...Mmmmmm... My gf had french toast with a poached pear.... YUM!

We came home and had a couple bottles of wine by the fire (started off with a Cuvaison Syrah, followed by a nice Muscat), so all in all, i guess it was a good "modern"-style thanksgiving...

11/26/02 -
*yawn* i felt tired all day. ...trying to find a good 3-D CAD freeware... worrying I'm biting off more than i can chew...

11/24/02 -
Is it the end? We just can't seem to talk to each other anymore. I don't understand, and I get confused. She doesn't understand, and she gets frustrated. I suppose that makes us different. ...too different? argh. it seems so irrational to me, but using a word like that to describe it almost belittles (sp?) it... I just prefer to state that I am confused. Is she too tense, while i'm too relaxed?...or am i the cause of her tension? ...so much simpler than before, yet so much more difficult. Or does the past only seem simpler when looking -back- at it?... so what causes my tension?--is she the source?--or, is it tension over -me- making -her- so tense? ...am i due for a more positive source of energy in my life?...or was she the source for it all. ...geeze...

Woohoo! New section!
Damn...went to go work out with Mark today, but couldn't get in the gym. Appearently, they changed the access card inactive state from 5 minutes to 30 minutes after swiping. ugh. ...That's what i miss most about working at Philips--their gym.

I was up late last night explaining Batman to the gf, since we caught the movie on TNT... Unfortunately, it was the 3rd one (coulda' been worse I suppose)... But actually, the 3rd one is a really good one for explaining batman and his character, etc. I forgot there were so many good jokes in that one--like where Robin says, "Holy rusted metal batman!" and bats goes, "huh?"... but i digress...

Woohoo! I got plane tickets home for christmas!! I was getting worried, because roundtrips to OGG were starting at !! My parents are really happy, because they had given up, thinking i wasn't gonna be able to come this year...

11/23/02 -
Woohoo! Saw Ami on AIM and she said she got my email and dug the pic i sent. =P She's still sad though.

Dinner was good. saw Rob and Julia, who we haven't seen for a long time. ...and also a guy who i think i met before... i forget his name though. I forgot to bring Ryan the CD--ARGH!

About to go to dinner in Palo Alto for kimi's b-day. That means i'll finally get a copy of the pics from LeMans to ryan.... burned a CD just in time...

11/21/02 -
ARGH. I'm stressin'. It's one of those stresses that get brought on to you too--not the kind you bring on yourself... that always makes it more frustrating.

I don't think I ever seem to say the right thing... I mean, I can say right things, but the stuff that's in my head never seem to come out of my mouth right. It sucks. it really sucks. ...usually, I always take things the wrong way too...i wonder if that's somehow related.

Anyway, I don't think i've ever written anything like that before. ...I like to tell myself dwelling on sadness or anger is just wasted emotion.

11/20/02 -
So "The Bachelor" actually proposed this time. Interesting. Becky came over to watch, on account her cable was out... I hadn't seen her for so LONG! it was good to kick it with her.

Work caught me a bit off guard today--I was asked to do some drafting. Man, I haven't picked up the triangles in a lonnnng ass time... It was cool though. Felt good... even though taking measurements always makes me tense... Reaffirms that I can do anything with Word too... (i don't have any CAD afterall)...

Day 1: no responce yet from Rob yet. my fingers are crossed.

Ami is sad... I hope she cheers up. Maybe I'll send her an email.

It's late, but I wanted to make sure to get in an update for the day.

11/19/02 -
Woohoo! finally got the cockeyed pic idea "on to paper", and got up the nerve to shoot Rob an email. Let's see if he writes back! (I'm hoping he'll sign the guestbook)...

Man, not sure what's been keeping me from updating the past few days... maybe 'cause I got Smackdown 4 for ps2... I was bored on Sunday, and had a BestBuy gift certificate to spend that I got from Dave. I went with the intention to buy the new Rocky game (because Mr.T is in it), but they didn't have it. So i ended up with smackdown. With the combination of that and using the dremel so much at work, my carpel tunnel is killing me...

The Singaporean restarunt was good by the way...

11/15/02 -
Dayum...I want a cdj-800... I wonder if there's some sort of pioneer trade-in program...

Getting ready to go out to dinner... Going to a new Singaporean restaraunt in Mt. View... I'll post review later...

Tommorow we're gonna see Harry Potter... Trying to convince my girlfriend that we should go in full costume... my other friend is all for it! She sent me an email today saying she already has plans to see it tonight, but she wants to go again tommorow so she can dress up!

11/14/02 -
Woohoo... a new project at work is coming along nicely... Installed a working prototype on Mr. K's car... they look AWSOME!!!

Dayum, word on the street is that the Pioneer CDJ-800 debuts tommorow. I WANT ONE!!!!!!! I really want one... or a cdj1000 for that matter... My cdj500II's just seem too dated... Mmmmmm... vynil scratching.

So like, if you've got a pioneer hookup, and wanna trade for some art, let me know! heh heh

11/13/02 -
New Found Glory was on MTV...woohoo. The production quality--both sound and video editing, SUCKED. THumbs down, MTV. NFG kicked ass though.

11/12/02 -
Dood, TAP plastics wanted nearly 20 bucks for an 18" circle made of 1/8" acrylic mirror. What a rip.

11/11/02 -
Man, mondays are rarely lively and productive... I did however do some prototyping for a new product idea I have in mind... my business partner seems to be impressed with it too... this will be interesting.

11/10/02 -
I should have gone to work out with mark...i don't know why i get so lazy on weekends. I hope we get a gym membership at work soon. I hate not exersizing...

I posted an ad of freeartclassifieds.com... I wonder if anyone will see it.

11/09/02 -
Ami-with-the-rad-hair kicks ass. She helped me pick out my attire for Indian food. I hope her mouth feels better soon.

This past week I went to SEMA in Las Vegas. (SEMA of course is the big auto trade show--went for work, which was cool, because it's not open to the public--people in industry only). Made some good contacts, took some cool pics, and got some good ideas.

Did a lot of drinking while in Vegas (naturally). Fat Teusday's continues to be the spot of choice--it's ALL about the extra shot!! ...though don't get me wrong, we had a good laugh over the Ifle tower drinks at the Paris.

I also went to OG. It was my first time ever at that particular type of venue. It was ok i guess. Met some cool people at the least......

Vegas as always, was way too smokey, but cool. and hey, i didn't get sick...

11/03/02 -
Halloween kicked ass! So many people came up to us about the costume!! All the comic book nerds were coming up and bowing down saying "Johnny Storm!! Flame ON!!!" ...it was pretty cool.

The halloween party kicked ass too. The pot luck out well. In fact, there was too much food. It was hilarious though--mark dressed up as the "garbage-bag man", when we soon realised he looked EXACTLY like the NORI (japanese seaweed) bag!!! I'll post some pics soon...

10/30/02 -
Woohoo! TOmmorow's my FAVORITE holiday!! bar hopping in Los Gatos will be cool. Our costumes will totally kick ass. i think for work i will dye my hair blue...

My friend is all stoked about this chick we met last weekend... He keeps asking me if she's gonna come to the party on Friday! ;)

10/27/02 - I drink what's in front of me.
Man! So we went to "Gyro's Haunted house of Terror" or whatever, and pretty much wasted 9 bucks... It was very poorly done. In fact, the only thing in worse shape than the Haunted House, was the mall it was in. I didn't even know that mall existed. I guess now I know why...

So anyway, afterwards we went to a Korean bar. I had Soju (sp?) for the first time. Soju is a rice liquor, basically thr Korean version of Japanese sake. I got frickin' TANKED. oh man, my head is still spinning today. ugh.

There's something about the girl that works at TAP plastics...

Man, today seemed like a long one... it kinda' dragged on. Got the costumes nearly done though...perhaps I will psot pics soon. Survivor kicked ass as usual, and TEIII looks to be interesting as well.

I bought some rechargeble batteries for my mouse... I really shouldn't have spent the money, but i guess it will save in the long run... Spent the evening helping my girlfriend with her application essays... My neon wire finally came in the mail--at last, I can finish my costumes...
My cordless mouse is dying... =( I need to get new batteries... I wish it were rechargeble!
Man, today felt like a long one... Good day though... got a lot done... was very productive... My conceptual art pricing experiment is in the works... only simple stuff up so far though...
Woohoo!! My first product is officially on sale at work! Very cool.

10/21/02 -
"Staffani", Letterman's intern is pretty funny.

I know the majority of the Art sections so far seem to be photography... Soon I should have pics of my projects that utalize a 3rd dimension... With access to a bandsaw, I have some plexiglass art projects in mind too...

I'm thinking I probably won't tell any of my friends about this site... ...more of an experiment to see if anyone actually stumbles upon it on their own... hmmmmm...

Monday Haze. Mondays are always the worst with their slow-motion funk. For some reason I woke up early today though...

I guess technically it's the 21st. Adult Swim brings the first conceptual art section.


10/20/02 -
My Carpel Tunnel is acting up. Even with MouseKeys on. I'm amazed at how this is really starting to come together though... =)

Dude, that redx is killing me. For some reason i can't edit it anymore... oh well. consider it art.

So like, I'm working on this site. (even though i should be working on Halloween costumes... ...though my neon wire still hasn't got here!)

Music I'm listening to while creating this thing... well, a lot actually... here's some of them:
Tuuli - "Rockstar Boyfriends"
JLo - "Jenny from the Block"
Shinehead - "Golden Touch"
Chevelle Franklyn - "Serious Girl"
The Starting Line - "I'm Real"
Yellowcard - "Everywhere"