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350Z Haiku Poetry
Japanese haiku poetry (written in english) inspired by the new Nassan 350Z. Written by yours truley... (hey, I call it art). You know what's cool?--I had a lot of freinds that lived in the town of Haiku, Maui. The Telephone prefix for Haiku was 575....


Full sport suspension
Three point five litre V6
Six-speed transmission

The 350Z
It's back in all it's glory!
Totally badass!

I don't need leather
Track is tempting, but for me--
Performance Model!

nineteen ninety-six
There has not been a Z since
how long must I wait???

Dealer has no Z.
Why do I not have one yet???
Should have preordered!

He just got his Z.
My garage remains empty.
That lucky bastard.

Break-in period
It cannot come soon enough!
More reason to drive

Bring on the twisties!
I'm itching to test this clutch--
Man, I hate traffic!

Ah! The open road!
And cops are nowhere in sight.
Fasten your seatbelt!

No it's not a Porsche
And no, it's not a TT
Don't ask me again

My 350Z
Key is in the ignition
Get in and let's GO!

Time to wash and wax
Zaino perfect tire gloss
I love Saturdays!